The One

The One
2007.09.26 RELEASE
この作品こそが現在世界のダンス・ミュージック界を席巻するエレクトロ・ロック・シーンへの日本からの正式回答だ。自身約4年振りとなるオリジナル・アルバムは、これまでのMONDO GROSSOという肩書きを脱きを捨てた初のShinichi Osawa本人名義作品、その名も”The One”
1 Star Guitar Vocals by Au Revoir Simone
2 Detonator Vocals by Princess Superstar
3 Electro411
4 Our Song Vocals by ULTRA BRAiN
5 Dreamhunt Vocals by Rubies
6 Push Vocals by Ania
7 Rendezvou
8 The Patch
9 Last Days
10 State of Permission Vocals & Co-produced by Freeform Five
11 Foals Vocals by Nelson
12 The Golden
13 Maximum Joy
14 Ami Nu Ku Tuu (The One Version) Vocals by RYUKYUDISKO